Colors in my head

I would'nt say that I paint! I express solutions to problems in colors ... The result: a painting that influences the viewer and the spaces. This seems to be a gift which I did not want to accept for a long time ... Read it yourself!

Your home & workplace is full of objects and memories of experiences. And all of this is connected to a lot of emotions!


The place where you spend most of your life is often overcrowded


All this information affects your mood, which leads to the well-known ups and downs of your feelings. However, if your environment is a powerful basis, you can steadily live a successful, powerful life in harmonious ways. The life you are dreaming about.


Premium sleep, creativity and your own potential are waiting for you! In harmony and full of power live your premium version!


That's my expertise.


Already as a child, I have seen more than many others.


Even as a child, I have already felt where the exact problems are and how to fix them quickly and easily - through colors, energetic work and the arrangement of objects. What others learn at intuition seminars has always been part of my life.


At the age of 17, I was given the information that my purpose in life is to paint paintings which have an extremely positive influence on people and spaces. That did not sound good to me! Especially since I had other plans, had no great interest in art, not to mention that I could not even paint very well. After withdrawing my math studies, I decided to give the project Jayc Jay paintings a chance.


10 weeks and 33 paintings later, I had my first vernissage.
Jayc Jay Künstlerin
Jayc Jay Arts
Jayc Jay Arts

specific characteristics of  JaycJay ARTS® Gemälde

What is different about these paintings? The effect on areas of life such as love, job and health. Colors, shapes and intentions in precise combination make these paintings a source of power and harmony, which strikes like a bomb.


Especially practices, offices, IT startups, cafes and marketing agencies have discovered the effect of Jayc Jay paintings. The second step is to furnish the home.


Once you have tried it for 3 months, you do not want to live without it anymore!